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Sleep… Why It’s So Important For Your health!

    Sleep…..we get loads of it as a baby……12+ hours a night! Wow wouldn’t that be bliss as an adult! Most people are lucky if they get the standard 8 hours a night. Stress, pain, illness, worry, family, work these are all reasons why some of us don’t get as much sleep as weContinue Reading »

Have you done this today to make your knee pain worse?

  Knee pain!….it’s the pits! Have you ever suffered?   Sharp pain, aching, stiffness, creaking and cracking……it’s all in there! Sound familiar?   What a tuneful joint!…our knees take a lot over the years. They are a work horse helping us walking, run, bend, jump, hop. No wonder they sometimes begin to grumble at us.Continue Reading »

3 Great Tips To Help Ease Knee Pain

  Now the warm days have gone and the colder months are on their way there is a chance that you may start to notice more aches and pains. You are not alone in this, in fact we hear clients of ours ask the same question….”Is it an old wives tale that joint pain isContinue Reading »

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