Sports Injuries

Get Back To Your Sport Fast Without Surgery, Pills or Endless Visits to Your GP (And Learn The Secrets Pro Athletes Use To Get Fit Quickly)

Are you a frustrated runner, tennis player or golfer with an injury that has you sitting on the sidelines? Or worried you'll get injured if you play again too soon?

Whether you are a die-hard runner, keen tennis player or club golfer, you are in the right place for help. We know it can be frustrating when your injury doesn't heal even though you're doing all the "right things", like resting and giving it time. We've seen some severe injuries in our time – in our many years of working with professional sports teams and elite athletes. So, whatever the cause of your injury, we can get you back exercising and playing again quickly.

Doctors lead you to believe sports injuries are not serious because they are self-inflicted. But they are. We take all sports injuries seriously because we know it is essential for sportsmen and women to return to the sports they love instead of watching from the sidelines for months. We also understand that participating in sports adds value to your life and provides a sense of pride and achievement, essential to how you feel about yourself and your health.

Are you frustrated by your lack of progress and desperate to know what's wrong?

We see hundreds of sportsmen and women every year. These frustrated athletes' injuries aren't healing with rest alone because any injury not diagnosed and treated correctly will never recover fully. The pain reduces with rest, but pain-free at rest is not the goal of being pain-free when doing your sport. Injuries also heal with scar tissue. That's a fact, and every day that scar tissue is not encouraged to heal well, it will cause problems in the future, re-injury being one such problem. Specialist sports physiotherapy – with hands-on treatment and a rehabilitation exercise plan - helps scar tissue heal and be strong and flexible.

We've been helping sportsmen and women to find relief from sports injuries for the last 20 years. I can tell you without hesitation that more rest and more painkillers are the road to nowhere – a vicious cycle that leads you in the opposite direction to finding and fixing the root cause.

Regain control and movement, and get back to playing the sport you love.

Just click the link below to book a free call with one of our physiotherapists to get specialist advice on your sports injury. Don't worry. This is a free call to find out how we can help you. You are not obligated to book any further treatment. That decision is completely up to you.

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– by lead Physiotherapist Wendy McCloud

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“Find Out How People Just Like You, Came to WDC Physio & Sports Injury Clinic - and Left Happier and Much Healthier!”

Please enjoy watching stories of other people who had sports injuries just like you who came to see the physiotherapy team  and left much healthier and happier:



“Physiotherapy has been a lifesaver for my shoulder pain, which made simple tasks unbearable. Initially skeptical, I felt optimistic stepping in the door. The warm welcome and professional care made me feel like part of the family. With targeted exercises and support, I'm now pain-free”



“I'm glad I plucked up the courage to come for treatment. The therapists were personable, the exercises were tailored to my abilities, and I felt progress was attainable. Leaving each session feeling like I've overcome a hurdle has been immensely satisfying.”



“It's just professional, relaxing, and engaging. The treatment is top-notch, with clear guidance on what needs to be done. Even if there's a bit of pain initially, it's worth it in the long run. The whole team is warm, welcoming, and highly qualified. It's just an excellent service all around.”

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