Lauren H.


I have just finished my 8 week course of treatment for a hip impingement which I have been suffering pain with for almost 3 years. I am now pain free and able to move around with ease. All of the staff are so friendly and welcoming. Now looking forward to starting Pilates with them!



A life and me changing experience! From being weighed down with pain 4 months ago to now feeling freer and lighter. This is a magical space with people who genuinely care and are interested in you. If you want to change it will happen here. I can’t rate WDC high enough.



Through a series of corrective exercises and massages under expect guidance, I feel stronger with noticeable difference in my neck mobility. I really enjoyed my session, whether it’s laughing with Veronica or being put through my paces with Jack – All while learing how to get and keep my body healthy. I always leave with a smile on my face.

I was referred to WDC Physiotherapy to see Wendy by the surgeon who operated on my shoulder. On my first visit to see Wendy I was immediately put at ease and given reassurance that if I followed the physiotherapy plan outlined that I would get the strength and function back in my shoulder.

What I felt was good was that Wendy listened to my goals and knew how keen I was to get back to weight training. With this in mind Wendy set out a personal physiotherapy programme.

From the first visit I had total trust and confidence with Wendy and each time I had my appointments I could see how much improvement was being made. Wendy was also there between appointments if I needed to ask anything or guidance on my shoulder rehabilitation programme.

It is now nine months since my surgery and I can honestly say that without Wendy’s excellent physiotherapy and the reassurance she gave me throughout my programme I would not have gained the strength and full function of my shoulder. I am now back to weight training and have been back full time working as a gardener for five months. With the great help and physiotherapy from Wendy and my determination I am now fully recovered.

I would recommend Wendy, at WDC Physiotherapy, to anyone if they required physiotherapy.

Richard Widders


When I dislocated my shoulder I needed major keyhole surgery to repair a torn bicep tendon, detached cartilage and rotator cuff injury following which I was lucky enough to be introduced to Wendy to work with for my rehabilitation. She has a wonderful hands-on approach, soothing away aching and knotted muscles, tendons and related issues, as well as a constant supply of beneficial exercises to rebuild weak muscles. I found her diagnostic skills to be excellent. Six months later, I had achieved remarkable mobility and now I would barely know the difference between one shoulder and the other. She offers a very patient-friendly atmosphere, being caring, knowledgeable and thorough in her practice.

Wendy updates and extends her qualifications frequently and has become a pilates instructor and runs pilates classes alongside her physiotherapy clinics. I regularly attend these and find them friendly, fun sessions aimed at improving core muscles. She takes care to adjust movements to the particular ability of individuals within the class. They are excellent value for money.

Louise Lewis


Having recently taken up Pilates I find the exercise regime has strengthened my shoulder muscles and upper body that have suffered after many years of hairdressing so much that I now have no pain from a previous repetative strain injury, which in turn has helped my posture and golf swing. I would strongly recommend the Pilates sessions with Wendy McCloud to anyone who wishes to benefit from this excellent form of exercise.

Sue Knowles

Thorpe Bay

Best physio you’ll ever get. No-one has come close the results that WDC gave me! I tore the cartilage off my shoulder socket playing rugby and had extensive surgery to reattach it. Wendy McCloud owner of WDC Physiotherapy got me back to playing Semi-professional Rugby Union with full range of shoulder movement, full strength and no pain. I am now living in Australia and still contact Wendy about any concerns I have with any injuries, as I do not trust anyone else.

Jaco Du Toit

formerly of Cambridge Rugby Football Club

Pilates has made all the difference to me. I’ve always been athletic, danced, played badminton, swum and done yoga. I have developed arthritis over the last three years and started to find difficulty getting out of my bath. I started coming the Pilates at WDC two years ago which has strengthened my core muscles. This has allowed me to be able to exit my bath with ease and confidence.”

“Pilates has given me not only the physical strength but the technique and knowledge of my skeletal and muscular make up. All under the unique knowledgeable attention one receives at Wendy’s classes

Pam Tookey


I have been suffering with back and knee problems on and off since 2005 and have had numerous hospital appointments, injections, painkillers and even an operation – none of which worked. When I thought there was nothing else that could be done and I would have to live with the pain I was referred to Wendy at WDC Physiotherapy.  From my first appointment I knew I was in the hands of not only a very knowledgeable physiotherapist but one who genuinely cared about their patient and their well being.  The clinic is warm and welcoming and well equipped and each treatment session is thorough and nothing is too much trouble for the clinic’s staff.  I always leave feeling both better and reassured.  To compliment my treatment I also attend Pilates once a week at the clinic. 

The classes are of a good size with a friendly encouraging atmosphere.  With trained physios running the classes all exercises are tailored made to suit your needs.  A very personal workout experience.  I have been going to the class for a year now and not only have they helped me strengthen and prevent further injuries, but they have also aided my weight loss and helped me sculpt an improved body shape. 

If you are in pain do not hesitate to contact this caring, professional and proficient clinic.  I never thought I could feel this good again and it’s all thanks to Wendy and the clinic that I do.

Kathryn Bethell


I have just finished a course of treatment at the WDC Clinic for my frozen shoulder. This was the dfirst time I had been to the clinic and I was really impressed with all aspects of my treatment. The clinic is based in a new building and gave a very good first impression. Wendy is very friendly and made me feel welcome. She took time to discuss my symptoms and she quickly identified the problem and devised a suitable course of treatment. In all, I had around 10 sessions with her and at each one we reviewed my progress and Wendy worked on specific problem areas and gave me exercises to do at home.

My shoulder is so much better now and I did not need to resort to injections or surgery – something I did not want to do.

Not only is Wendy a first class physio but also she is very easy to get on with and showed real concern for my recovery. I would absolutely recommend her clinic

Mick Davidge

Gret Wakering

I joined Pilates classes at WDC approximately a year ago whilst I was under investigation at the Doctors for recurring back problems I had been suffering (and also thinking it could help me to lose some weight).

The initial 1-1 session and the professionalism and knowledge of Wendy completely sold it to me and I signed up on the spot and would not look back. I initially signed up to do one class a week however I found that I rapidly fell in love with going to the classes and also found that it really helped with my back issues.

I was eventually diagnosed with curvature of the spine and I have found that over the course of the year I have been attending it has greatly helped with the pain I had been suffering and has taught me to really think as much as possible about correct posture. Any other form of exercise I used to try triggered my back pain even more and I have found that with Pilates it has been the one form of exercise to not cause pain but help it.

Attending weekly Pilates classes has not only helped with my back pain, it has also helped me lose weight and tone up and increase flexibility.

My love for the classes has led to me participating in a weekly HIT Pilates which is great for calorie burning without running the risk of causing injury and also participating in Ballet Pilates – another class great for your posture and also a surprisingly big calorie burner!

All of the staff at WDC are amazing and are really knowledgeable in relation to what they teach. I love the fact that classes are small and the instructor takes the time to go around and ensure that every attendee is doing each exercise correctly – it beats going to a gym lead Pilates class full of 30 attendees hands down.

For anyone new to exercise, or suffering with an injury and thinking about considering Pilates all I can say is I would highly recommend Wendy and the team at WDC.

Claire Smith


When I was 18 years old I was involved in a serious car crash. I suffered a lot of broken bones and dislocated limbs and damage to muscles and nerves. I have had a lot of pain with my shoulder on and off for the past 30 years. I have had treatment which has worked but after a few months I have had to go back for more.

I came to see Wendy because she was recommended to me and I was told she had considerable expertise and experience in treating shoulders.

Wendy taught me and my husband to treat and maintain my shoulder at home both in between visits and to maintain it when the treatment finished. I found Wendy to be informative, sensitive and friendly and above all very professional. The treatment finished approximately 5 months ago. I have not had a reocurrence of shoulder pain since..fingers crossed!!

I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy to anyone needing physio treatment.

Sharon K.


I’d had Pelvic Girdle Pain quite badly pre and post pregnancy which is how I arrived at the mum and baby pilates group.

After 4 months of coming along to the weekly sessions and a little effort, my core is stronger than it was pre-pregnancy. The classes have helped massively with pain. I am much more stable in my core and pelvis and I am also on my way back to gaining my pre-pregnancy body back.

Whilst I’ve never been the type of person who’s comfortable going to the gym, I’ve found something I really enjoy doing in Pilates and Wendy is absolutely fantastic with the babies, helping out when they need a bit of attention to let you focus on what you are doing. My son loves having a cudddle and to help Wendy teach the group sat on her hip whilst I get on with some matwork. Knowing it’s somewhere he feels comfortable too has been hugely impoprtant.

We both enjoy and get something out of coming to class.

Rebecca Armstrong


Having just completed my first 12 sessions, I now exercise, think and eat differently and have signed up to another 12 sessions. I’m not a gym person and have never had a personal trainer before. This type of exercise is very different to what I have done before – it’s not about high intensity work outs where you just sweat it out. Plus the majority of the exercises can also be done at home with very little equipment – I just need to find the time!

The approach is not to shout at you to work harder like some Personal Trainers do – they look at all aspects of your life including lifestyle and nutrition. I have completely changed my approach to food and in fact eat more now but have lost 10lbs. 

I was assessed to check if my body was working properly. As a result, I have discovered several things about mine and my programme was adapted in order to ensure I correct some of my movements and don’t make any problems worse by exercising in the wrong way. Being part of a clinic is also beneficial as I have worked with the physios to utilise their expertise.

If you are looking to change your lifestyle to become fit and healthy and need some advice and encouragement, I would definitely recommend WDC Physiotherapy.

Mandy Price

The whole team is very welcoming and accommodating.

It feel very personal and like everyone knows you. Veronica was fantastic. Thanks all.


I have been going to Pilates since November weekly classes with Jack.

They are great fun and have really helped me to become more mobile and toned.

Thank you.



I was in a bad place and couldn’t get help from my GP so found WDC via Google. I was in excrucaiting pain with my lower back but from the moment you step in there, you are welcomed by the most wonderful people. the receptionist are fantastic at making you feel at ease, and the physios are just as lovely..

I had Jack and Veronica and you can tell they are experts in their field. They explained my symptoms and devised a plan for me to follow throughout my care. They made me feel normal and I actually looked forward to my sessions. I work in Mental health and they understood that the pain I was in was affecting my well-being and I found this the most wonderful thing about them. 

I now feel back to my normal self, where ican play with my children and not fear when i am next going to be in pain. Thank you all if WDC, Especially Jack, Veronica, Rhianna and Tom don’t ever change. Cannot recommend you enough x



People say a drink can impair your judgement but it helped me to request a free screening when it popped up on facebook whilst on holiday..

From the start I was made to feel so welcome and at ease. I had been suffering with my back for so long and was fed up of continually taking painkillers and living with a constant ache.

With the help of this amazing team, not just the guys that have given treatment but also the welcoming smiles when I come in, they have helped me to achieve this.



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