Are you struggling to sleep due to shoulder pain?

Finding it difficult to get washed, dressed, or do other simple tasks?

Your lower back is a complex symphony of components: tendons, muscles, sensitive nerves, delicate nerve roots, joints, and spinal discs.

The shoulders are pivotal to movement and functionality, heavily influencing day-to-day actions like typing, driving, or cooking. Discomfort in the shoulder(s) can dramatically diminish your quality of life, with the nagging pain interrupting your concentration at work and preventing you from really enjoying life. It can also signify other health issues – like Arthritis, so it’s important to get help for shoulder problems before you develop further complications.

As well as Arthritis and joint degeneration, rotator cuff complications commonly cause shoulder pain involving four distinct muscles. It’s worth noting that 30-50% of people over fifty exhibit rotator cuff issues. But given the multifaceted nature of shoulder pain – and the many underlying causes, it's essential to get a professional diagnosis and treatment plan.

The story we often hear at WDC goes something like this: "My shoulder pain began 'X' months ago, so I consulted a doctor. Initially dismissed as the result of an awkward sleeping position and treated with pills and instructions to rest, the pain relief was minimal and short-lived. Now, my doctor says there is nothing more they can do."

We've been helping people aged 40+ to find relief from shoulder pain for the last 20 years. I can tell you without hesitation that more rest and more painkillers are the road to nowhere – a vicious cycle that leads you in the opposite direction to finding and fixing the root cause.

When people come to see us the most popular question they ask is:

“What’s Going On?”...


“Why Am I Still Suffering From Shoulder Pain After 6+ Months?”

It’s tempting to hope shoulder pain will go away on its own. But gritting your teeth and popping painkillers can be harmful to your stomach. Long rest periods (the standard recommendation from GPs) are no good either because things seize up and worsen without movement. It's a rock and a hard place.

Imagine for a moment what your life will be like in five years. If you don't fix your shoulder pain now… Will you have to stop working? Lose your independence? End friendships and relationships or get divorced?

Will your grandchildren stop visiting?

With our guidance, there is better way.

We don't believe in a passive approach. Why wait when you can take proactive steps towards recovery now? Don't let chronic shoulder pain and dependency on pain medication define your life any longer.

Regain control, movement, and comfort and say goodbye to back pain for good.

Just click the link below to book a free call with one of our physiotherapists to get specialist advice on your shoulder pain problems. Don't worry. This is a free call to find out how we can help you. You are not obligated to book any further treatment. That decision is completely up to you.

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Shoulder Pain Guide

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– by lead Physiotherapist Wendy McCloud

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“Find Out How People Just Like You, Came to WDC Physio & Sports Injury Clinic - and Left Happier and Much Healthier!”

Please enjoy watching stories of other people with shoulder pain just like you who came to see the physiotherapy team  and left much healthier and happier:



“Physiotherapy has been a lifesaver for my shoulder pain, which made simple tasks unbearable. Initially skeptical, I felt optimistic stepping in the door. The warm welcome and professional care made me feel like part of the family. With targeted exercises and support, I'm now pain-free”



“The professional assessment and personalized treatment, including unique exercises and helpful tips, made all the difference. Each session brought relief and progress, and now I'm pain-free and back to normal activities.”



“Physio at WDC has been life-changing. After months of neck and shoulder pain a previous knee treatment here convinced me to try again. With WDC's thorough approach, pain relief started quickly. Now, exercises help control pain without medication. I recommend WDC to friends.”

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