Paediatric Physiotherapy

At WDC we understand the Importance of Paediatric Physiotherapy and how all parents what the best for their child.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

The most important thing to think about when treating children is that they are not small adults, they have a whole set of conditions that are specific to them such as growth related problems. The adult skeleton has 206 bones whereas a baby has 300 which gradually fuse as they get older. A child is more likely to injure a bone through a sports injury rather than a ligament or tendon.

Children tend to be more active than adults and put their body’s through some amazing positions and are usually much more active than adults with PE lessons, playing at break times and lunch times at school along with other sporting activities all of which can take their toll on young bodies! Children can become very fond of one particular sport from a young age but they shouldn’t train sport specific until they are around 14 so their bodies don’t become adapted too early.

Children grow at different rates up until the age of 17/18 however they have growth spurts around age 7/ 8 and also 12 / 13 . 

These periods are often associated with a set of conditions known as traction apophysitis but you may well know them from various different names such as Osgood- Schlatters disease or Sever’s disease. All of which we can advise on and treat here at WDC.

Back pain is something that has really come to the fore in recent years for children! They carry heavy school bags, sit in poor postures both at home and at school (chairs are never a “one size fits all” in spite of what surveys say!) and spend a lot of time using hand held technology. All of which can put added pressures through young people’s spines and surrounding musculature leading to pain, all of which we can advise about and treat here at WDC.

We feel strongly that children should be seen by a paediatric specialist therapist to fully analyse and observe what a child is doing. Observation is a key skill for any therapist but even more so for children as they are often not able to fully express their problems and pain. Don’t do your child a disservice bring them to WDC and get them treated by a specialist physiotherapist.

“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Physio at Wendy’s Clinic And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!


 late 60s, Westcliff-on-Sea

I was genuinely impressed with my first visit yesterday. I felt you really listened to me and took a great deal of time and care to get a comprehensive history. Your treatment was thorough, relaxing and effective. I couldn’t have asked for more and look forward to seeing you next week.


39, Southend-On-Sea

My experience at WDC has been fantastic! I came for back pain and found the treatment very relaxing and hitting all the right spots. The next day I was able to go about feeling much better, less pain and discomfort throughout the day. I was instructed by Alastair to go through some rehab exercises which I found were good to do, I also learned lots of things to do with muscles and how they work to support you. Very educational, and well taught. Looking forward for more classes.


Julie, 62, Shoeburyness

Yesterday I had my last physio session with Jade after a Colles fracture and wrist plate surgery. I decided to get some private physio as treatment through the NHS was limited. I found Jade to be very knowledgeable and professional, these sessions have been immensely helpful in aiding my recovery by reducing swelling and regaining movement. Jade was always friendly and nice to chat with.

I would be happy to return to WDC Physiotherapy for any treatments should the need arise.

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