Postnatal Pilates

Ante & Post Natal Pilates

Come join us if you are wanting to start Pilates before your new arrival. Our classes are suitable for Mums to be in their first, second and third trimesters.

Pregnancy Pilates Classes

We will guide you through an hour of pilates matwork focusing on your deep abdominals and pelvic floor muscles which will help support your low back as your baby grows. We will also work on your upper body posture and control and arm strength. This will prepare you for lifting your baby and to adopt good posture when feeding your baby. This is a great class for increasing and maintaining general fitness when pregnant and flexibility.

Our classes are safe, effective, fun and relaxing.

During the class we use various Pilates equipment such as balls, resistance bands and pilates magic circles.


Before Starting The Class

You will need to have clearance from your doctor or midwife before starting the class. If you have never been to Pilates before we like you to have had your first scan.

Before starting the class everyone will receive a one to one Pilates technique session where we will also check for diastasis recti, pelvic asymmetry and to teach you how to correctly engage your core. This ensures you will exercise safely and effectively in the class.

Here's the deal: When you book one of our Pilates technique session, we’ll ask our team to offer you 6 free classes after a successful Induction for £51 (RRP £126). Book today as spaces are limited.

For further information or to book your space for a one to one technique session please call the clinic on 01702 613542.

“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Physio at Wendy’s Clinic And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!


38, Thorpe Bay

I was going to the gym and was getting back problems. I started with very very bad posture and I am an anxiety sufferer. There were small changes to begin with which was very encouraging. I found it a very calming and happy environment which helped with my anxiety and that helped with my physical being and the small changes have over a period of time become very big positive changes that have helped me in so many ways.


60, Great Wakering

When I came I was round shouldered, I had neck pain and various other aches and pains that you associate with getting older.

I am now an inch taller as my posture is so much better which is all from coming here. If I get an ache or pain it will be here rather than the doctors that I will go to first. I have such confidence I am being looked after



I had my first class last Monday. The team are lovely, very friendly and very knowledgeable. I was made to feel at ease and the instructor went round the class frequently to assist or correct positions. Looking forward to my next class. I would recommend WDC Pilates without hesitation.

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