Vaishnavi (Chartered Physiotherapist MSc)


Vaishnavi is originally from India. She completed her bachelor's in physiotherapy because she wanted to do it from a very young age. Vaishnavi says that she has always had it in her nature to help everyone around her, and physiotherapy certainly offers that.

Vaishnavi played a lot of sports in university, and that is how she ended up studying Sports Medicine for her master's degree. She hopes to continue helping people be the best version of themselves with all the skills she's gained to date.


  • Favourite place in the world: Manali, India
  • Favourite food: Dark chocolate
  • Where do you like to go on holiday: A quiet hilltop rather than a busy beach
  • Favourite TV show: Friends
  • Favourite film: Black Panther
  • Favourite Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • What sports do you like to do: Table tennis
  • Sports you like to watch: Football
  • Hobbies: Dancing and reading books
  • What you like to do in your spare time: Put on some music, grab a cup of coffee and read a book by the window.
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