Client Care Coordinator

Dawn is originally from Surrey. She moved to Southend as she felt drawn to the sea when she needed to relax, and what could be better than living in a place that makes you feel rejuvenated?

Dawn has always worked in a customer/client-facing role and saw the opportunity to work with a highly recommended physiotherapy clinic. She jumped at the chance to apply, and everything seemed to fall into place.

In her spare time, Dawn loves to learn - everything from musical instruments and Photography to Sign Language. She is always happy to help whenever and wherever she can, so if you ever need someone to help with random requests, Dawn is always up for a challenge.


  • Favourite place in the world:Mexico
  • Favourite food: Mine is Christmas Dinner. I would eat it all year round
  • Where do you like to go on Holiday:  I love diversity, so somewhere with an interesting history but also a place to relax
  • Favourite TV show: Supernatural
  • Favourite film: Drop dead Fred.
  • Favourite Book Many Lives, Many Masters – Dr Brian Weiss
  • What sports do you like to do?: I love Swimming and will try Wild Swimming (soon-ish)
  • Sports you like to watch: I enjoy watching VolleyBall and Diving
  • Hobbies: Learning Saxophone and Guitar, also photography.
  • What do you like to do in your spare time:Reading, Art + Crafts, Hiking, spending time with my family.
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